Proven Candidates

At Transpacific Services we offer an end-to-end relationship style approach to assist our Talent pool reach the best job in their search for job satisfaction.  We bring a pragmatic, collaborative know-how to deliver projects and programs across complex, changing environments. We favour team players over lone rangers. Our goal is, to provide skilled, connected resources that can significantly influence successful project delivery.

We are continually building a reputation for developing the right mix of relationship with our talent pool. Whether that is through mentoring and advising when a contractor is going through difficult job cycles, coaching and training for long term candidates.

As a growing innovative recruitment agency, we also offer a range of contracting options allowing you to choose which option best suits your individual needs and personal circumstances.

What this means for our clients is that they can expect our Talent to focus entirely on the job at hand. We also pre-qualify candidates for all roles, not just the meaty jobs. This means you are receiving the best Talent available to us the first and every time you use Transpacific Services.